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Hydroponic Gardening | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Hydroponic growing is a sustainable gardening method that brings proper nutrients, light and oxygen to your plants so they grow steadily in optimal conditions. Gardeners like hydroponics because, once they try it, it gives them control of the plants from seed to harvest.

Favorites for hydroponic growing include herbs like basil and mint, as well as kale, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes.

Growing vegetables and herbs in less space and across seasons are just a couple of common reasons to consider hydroponic gardening. Here are a few more:

3 Reasons to Grow a Hydroponic Garden


Hydroponics at The Home Depot's Garden Club

1. Grow year ’round, right in your home

Simply put, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil by using a liquid nutrient solution to give them everything they need. While there are many different types of hydroponic systems, they all consist of water, air, nutrients and root support.

Hydroponic growing can be done indoors year-round, no matter your climate or the season. The onset of colder temperatures and winter weather doesn’t need to slow down or end a tomato crop when you use a grow light

2. Grow more with less

Hydroponic systems grow plants in soil-free nutrient solutions, allowing the roots to have direct access to essential nutrients and oxygen. 

In regular backyard gardening, plants spend a lot of energy searching through the soil to find nutrients and water. With hydroponics, everything the plants need is readily available, so you can grow more in less time, using less space.

Hydroponically grown plants devote all of their energy toward growing upward and outward. They can grow bigger, faster, and because they’re not limited by seasonal changes, they produce more fruit and flowers than their backyard counterparts.
3.  Shelter from pests

One of the biggest perks to hydroponic growing is the lack of pests. Say goodbye to weeds, and hello to using far less pesticides. 

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Hydroponic Gardening | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Hydroponic systems can be as big or small as you like. Countertop versions like the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden, pictured above, are soil-free gardening systems that include everything you need to start growing: seed packets, LED lights and nutrient solutions.

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