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Get Growing Cabbage and Collard Greens

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Now is the Time to Prep Your Garden for Fall Vegetables | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Forget putting away your garden tools right now because fall is the best time to start a cool-season, edible garden, including cabbage and collard greens.

Cabbage and collard greens love cool weather and can handle light frost, which actually makes them sweeter.

Growing cabbage and collard greens in fall means fewer weeds, pests and diseases to deal with and because often it rains more, you’ll spend less time watering, too.

How to grow cabbage and collard greens:

  • Collard greens. Collard greens are super nutritious and easy to grow in fall. These plants are so productive that they deserve top billing in your fall vegetable garden. Grow collards in an edible, organic garden and you’ll notice they taste remarkably mild and tender compared to those sold in stores. Try a few plants and enjoy fresh greens from fall to early winter. Plant in full sun in rows that are three feet apart and 16 to 18 inches between plants. Cultivate the soil three to four inches deep. Mix in a standard application of an organic vegetable fertilizer, following label directions on how much to apply.
  • Cabbage. One of the most dependable and nutritious crops for the winter garden, cabbage is easy to grow. Seedlings set out in late fall grow into big plants with broad, gray-green leaves that shade the soil and smother weeds. As days become longer in late winter, the plants’ new growth forms vitamin-rich heads, which can get huge when cabbage is grown in fertile soil and given plenty of water.

    Tip: Bring in the entire crop before the weather turns warm. Trimmed heads of cabbage stored in the refrigerator in plastic bags will keep for several weeks. 

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Other vegetables to grow in fall:

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