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Get Gardening Indoors with 5 Trendy Houseplants

Lucy Mercer
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Monstera Houseplant | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll see pics of bold, verdant houseplants in minimalist, primarily white settings. Get this look with the trendiest tropical plants to grow indoors now.

Houseplant collecting has never been more popular or as easy to enable. In addition to selections at The Home Depot Garden Centers, you can shop online and get the freshest plants delivered direct from the grower within days.

When shopping for houseplants, look first around your home for the best space and note the light. Most houseplants like bright light, which means a strong shadow all day. There are houseplants that will tolerate low light and infrequent waterings. For this reason, do a little research before your purchase, for the best houseplant experience.

In the Garden Center, read plant tags for light requirements, and online, read the product info, questions and answers and comments for helpful information before you purchase.

Monstera, above, is a popular choice. It’s sometimes called the Swiss cheese plant because of the notches in the large leaves. Know your light conditions before bringing this one home: monstera prefers bright light, but will tolerate some low light. 

More Trendy Houseplants:


Rubber Plant | The Home Depot's Garden Club

1. Ficus elastica (rubber plant)

If you’re looking for dramatic foliage in a low-maintenance plant, consider ficus elastica, the rubber plant. Thick oval-shaped green or burgundy leaves give visual heft and ensure a missed watering won’t lead to tragedy. Place this plant in bright light and water when the soil feels dry to the touch.


Plant Charms on Cactus | The Home Depot's Garden Club

2. Cactus

These prickly plants never really went away, but have been overshadowed by cute and cuddly succulents. Select colorful planters for these dramatic plants and place in your sunniest room. Cacti need infrequent waterings, but when you do water, make it thorough. Frequent, shallow drinks will lead to uneven growth.


Pilea the Sharing Plant | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Pilea peperomioides

The Sharing Plant, pilea peperomioides, is a social media sensation due to its whimsical round leaves and because it’s so easy to propagate. This plant produces “babies” that you dig up and share with friends. Friends can plant the babies in pots, place them on windowsills and will soon have more plants to share.

Money Plant Houseplant | The Home Depot's Garden Club

4. Money tree plant

Bring green and good luck to your new year with a money tree plant. The glossy leaves stand on a braided trunk about a foot high, making it perfect for a side table near a sunny window. The Just Add Ice Money Tree Plant is the easiest plant to care for — add a couple cubes of ice to the top of the soil once a week. 


Houseplants for Back to School | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, the ZZ plant, is a decor hero for its graphic stems of glossy leaves. Its superpower, though, is that it will cheerfully tolerate a wide range of conditions. It can handle low light, and will tough it out during times of neglect, although it may drop leaves as a protective measure to conserve moisture.

Give it a little love by watering when the top inch of soil feels dry. Feed with a liquid houseplant fertilizer every six months for optimal growth.

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