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Gardening Checklist for November

Renee Valdes and Lucy Mercer
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See what you need to do in your garden in November ll The Home Depot Garden Club

For many gardeners, November means it’s time to turn your attention to the holidays. Among the top items on your gardening calendar for November: forcing indoor bulbs in time for Christmas.

When you plant paperwhites and amaryllis in decorative pots this month, they’ll be blooming for the holidays. These flowers make excellent gifts. So, go ahead and keep some for yourself to brighten up your own indoor space.

Outside, if weather permits, prepare your garden. Add compost to flower beds and a layer of mulch around shrubs and other plants to keep them warm through winter. Fill any bare spots in your garden with flowering cabbage and kale.

When you’re done with your outdoor work, wipe down your garden tools and store them away in a covered location, if possible.

Now all you need to do is enjoy your garden’s bounty on your Thanksgiving table.

November Gardening Checklist:

Force paperwhites for Holiday Blooms

Perfect for gifts, flower bulbs such as paperwhites and amaryllis can be planted in November so they bloom in time for gorgeous holiday blooms. White and brightly-colored blooms will brighten up your indoor space on the coldest days, plus they make excellent gifts. Learn about holiday houseplants.

Prepare next year’s garden

Take advantage of good weather days by preparing next year’s garden beds. If you haven’t already cleaned out your garden, go ahead and rake your garden beds of spent blooms and plants. Prepare next year’s annual garden by mixing in 3 inches of compost with a rake. Add a layer of mulch to protect dormant bulbs and other perennials, and shrubs and trees.

clean and store garden tools

Once you’re done with all your gardening tasks for fall, clean up and store your garden tools. Just rinse the tools and towel dry. Rub steel wool on garden tool blades to remove any debris and rust. Coat with multi-purpose oil or WD-40. Find out more on how to clean garden tools.

enjoy your harvest on thanksgiving

Make your Thanksgiving feast enjoyable with vegetables and herbs from your garden. Now is a great time to use preserves and reserves for your meal and enjoy the bounty from your garden on your Thanksgiving table.




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Check off all the items on your gardening checklist ll The Home Depot Garden Club

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