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Your Gardening Calendar for January

Lucy Mercer and Renee Valdes
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January Gardening Calendar | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Get a fresh start to the new year and get inspired for gardening with this gardening calendar for January.

January is the perfect time to set your gardening goals and make plans for your garden for the upcoming season. Because winter makes your outdoor space look different, look at it through a new lens. Decide what worked in the garden and what did not. Make changes for success. 

Test your soil for pH and give your dirt the amendments it needs before you begin planting anything. 

Indoors, go tropical. Give yourself an escape this winter from the cold. Houseplants are nature’s air purifier. Cyclamen, pictured above, brightens up the darkest winter days. Consider other easy houseplants in our list below.  

While you’re making a fresh start, why not pamper your hands and treat yourself to new gardening gloves and hand tools, such as trowels, soil scoops and hand weeders.

January Gardening Calendar:


Set Goals, Make plans for your garden

Now is a great time to set goals and make plans for your garden. See your outdoor space in a whole new light and make bold changes where they need to be made. Get inspired for the upcoming gardening season with a plan for your garden that enables you to eat what you produce and reduce food waste while attracting pollinators as such birds, bees and butterflies.

Add HOUSEplants for color indoors

Because gardening moves indoors during winter, add beautiful tropical houseplants with lots of color. Decorating with houseplants isn’t hard to do and it helps create a zen-like atmosphere inside your home. Try easy-care plants such as pothos, snake plants, spider plants, heart leaf philodendrons and peace lilies. An added benefit: houseplants improve indoor air quality. What’s not to love?

purchase new garden tools

For the new year, pamper your hands in the garden. Buy yourself a new pair of gardening gloves and make a resolution to keep your hands protected while digging in the dirt. While you’re at it, treat yourself to new gardening tools that help make gardening easier. Many new tools provide ergonomic comfort and features that reduce strain and stress on your hands and back. 




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January Gardening Calendar | The Home Depot's Garden Club

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