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Gardening Calendar for December

Lucy Mercer
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Monthly Garden Calendar | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Celebrate the holiday season with a fresh-cut Christmas tree that brings beauty and Yuletide scents inside your home. Purchase evergreen garland or trim evergreens in your landscape to decorate mantels and doors with the beautiful branches and colorful berries. Try a new holiday project like a Christmas Tree Dress. There’s even a tabletop version of the project that will be the talk of your holiday parties.

This is also the time to give the gift of gardening to friends and family. Houseplants like orchids, succulents, bromeliads and kalanchoe bring living color inside during the dark days of winter and will be welcome gifts. 

The garden may be quiet in the winter, but birds still look for shelter and food. Remember wildlife and birds with suet cakes and a well-stocked feeder. 


Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Begin the holiday season with a fresh-cut or artificial Christmas tree. Decorate mantels and doors with garland and evergreen trimmings. Use branches to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree dress.

Decorate Your home with poinsettias

Fill your home with traditional red poinsettias and the newer varieties with white and even pink blooms. Get decorating inspiration from these Garden Club ideas.

Choose Houseplants for gift-giving

Give the gift of gardening when you select just the right houseplant to present to family, neighbors or other friends. Try orchids, kalanchoe, bromeliads and amaryllis for gifts that last beyond the season.

replenish bird feeders

Be kind to pollinating birds and wildlife during the winter by refilling feeders. Attract birds to your yard with these tips




Leave dried flowers and seed heads in your winter garden to provide food for birds during cold weather. Read more about Pacific Northwest gardening tips.


Water lawns now because a little water will go a long way with your turf. Read more about North California Coastal gardening tips.


Compost piles should be turned regularly. Make this work easy on yourself with a compost tumbler. Read more about South California Coastal regional gardening tips.


Leaves of indoor plants get dusty, making plants unhealthy. Give them a wipe down with a solution of tepid water and a few drops of mild dish detergent. Read more about Southwestern Desert regional gardening tips.



Group houseplant pots together to increase humidity. Set pots on a tray of pebbles filled to half their depth with water, or set up a humidifier nearby. Read more about Western Mountains regional gardening tips.


When cold weather threatens, thoroughly water your garden beds. Well-hydrated plants will be better able to deal with a cold snap. Read more about High Plains gardening tips.


If the short, dark days of winter cause your indoor herbs to suffer, set up fluorescent grow lights or garden by a south-facing window for vigorous growth and winter harvesting. Read more about Northern Midwest regional gardening tips.


Gather up any leaves for the compost pile and for winter mulch on beds. One or two inches of organic matter on top of the soil is adequate for most gardens. Raking leaves off the lawn before snow buries it will save your turf come spring. Read more about Central Midwest regional gardening tips.


Frost heaving is unsightly and can damage tender perennials. Push plants very gently back into the soil and apply mulch to protect from future frosts. Read more about Mid-Atlantic regional gardening tips.


It’s not too early to daydream and plan for next spring’s gardens. Review notes from your garden journal and research using The Home Depot’s Garden Club plant search feature. Read more about New England regional gardening tips.


Include your irrigation system on your winterizing checklist. Drain hoses and pipes. Learn more about winterizing irrigation systems. Read more about Upper South regional gardening tips.


Now is a great time to prune evergreen shrubs and use the cuttings inside your home. Holly, magnolia and juniper are festive holiday favorites. Read more about Middle South regional gardening tips.


Are your houseplants getting adequate light? Many houseplants need at least eight hours of sunlight a day. Look into grow lights to give your plants some light love. Read more about Lower South regional gardening tips.


Tropical plants can be harmed by the occasional frost. Trim away any damage and mulch plants for cold weather protection. Read more about Coastal and Tropical South regional gardening tips.


Now is the time to plant cool-season herbs like thyme, parsley, sage, dill, cilantro and fennel. Get herb growing tips from The Home Depot’s Garden Club. Read more about South Florida regional gardening tips.




December Gardening Calendar | The Home Depot's Garden Club

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