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Gardening Checklist for October

Renee Valdes and Lucy Mercer
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Find out what tasks to do in the garden in October with our gardening checklist calendar ll The Home Depot Garden Club

With an abundance of mums, pumpkins and gourds ripening in the garden and available at your local The Home Depot Garden Center in October, you’ll be tempted to decorate your entryway, porch and landscape with more than one.

Once you’re done decorating, turn your attention to your garden and landscape.

Before the first frost, finish planting trees and shrubs. Urban dwellers can pot up shrubs and conifers in containers for lasting greenery. October is also a great month to plant bulbs for spring, whether tucked in flowerpots or planted around your landscape.

Just remember to clean and put away all your gardening tools so they don’t have to face the elements. When the time is right, empty your hoses, coil and store away for the next season.

ADD FALL COLOR with pumpkins and mums

As pumpkins and gourds ripen in your garden and arrive at The Home Depot Garden Center, place them by your entryway with mums and other fall flowers to punch up your fall decor.

Rake AND mulch leaves

Make leaf cleanup easier by first raking leaves into a pile and then grinding them with a leaf shredder, catching the pieces in a bag or large container. You could also chop leaves using a mower with a bagging attachment.

Spread mulched leaves generously over anywhere you need nutrients added to the soil.

PLANT trees, shrubs and spring bulbs

Early autumn is a great time for planting shrubs and trees. The changing weather gives new plants respite from the soaring temperatures of summer, but the ground is not yet so cold as to restrict root growth. 

Plant bulbs now for spring flowers. Daffodil, hyacinth, crocus and iris are good choices because they come back year after year. Grow tulips close to the house to protect them from deer. For a change of pace, try undemanding alliums, which are hardy to zone 4.

clean and store garden hoses and tools

After deep watering your trees and shrubs, empty your garden hoses and store them away. 

Wipe away excess dirt from trowels, spades, shovels and other garden tools and rub them with multi-purpose oil to prevent rust. Store them in a shed, garage or covered area. 




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Find out what to do in October in your Garden with our checklist ll The Home Depot Garden Club



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