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Garden Style: DIY Cement and Copper Flowerpots

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours



DIY cement and copper pots

Sometimes it’s tough to find just the right flowerpot for your plants to match your style. Learn how to create your own DIY cement and copper flowerpots. Just mix and cement, let cure and decorate the custom flowerpots with a fun copper pattern.

Take the look in an industrial, modern or glam direction, depending on your decor and style.

Make Cement and Copper FlowerPots

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Step 1: Select Molds

Choose a large plastic container for your outer mold and a smaller plastic container for the inner mold.

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Step 2: Mix the Cement

In a large sturdy bucket, thoroughly mix quick-setting cement according to package directions for the size of your container.

Safety tip: Wear gloves while handling cement.

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Step 3: Pour the Cement

  • As quickly as possible after mixing, pour the cement into the outer mold container.
  • Press the inner container into the cement, forcing it up the sides.
  • If you have a hand sander or other vibrating tool, you can use it to help vibrate air bubbles out of the cement, otherwise just shake and tap the container by hand.
  • Use a gloved finger to smooth down the top of the cement, and place a heavy object such as a brick to weigh down the inner mold.
  • Set the project aside to cure for at least 12 hours.

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Step 4: Unmold the Pots

  • Overturn the mold, and press the cement pot out to release it from the container.
  • Pull the inner container out.

Tip: If it doesn’t release easily, you may need to cut or break it to remove it.

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Step 5: Decorate your Pot

  • Use adhesive copper slug tape to decorate the flowerpots.
  • When placing the tape on the cement, partially remove the backing, adhere the tape, and smooth out air bubbles as you peel away the remainder of the backing and press the tape onto the pot.

Some ideas for designs

DIY cement and copper pots

  • Stripes – Vertical, horizontal or diagonal
  • Squares
  • Grid
  • Chevrons
  • Triangles
  • Polka-dots – Use a large hole-punch to create the dots.

Tip: Although we show this project done with mixing containers, clean plastic food containers also make great molds. Just make sure not to use containers that you plan to eat out of, or containers that are not disposable, since they might break when removed.

DIY Cement Pots | The Home Depot's Garden Club

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