Fun Ways to Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


For the squeamish who don’t like carving pumpkins and those who never get around to it, there’s an easier solution: Paint your pumpkins. It can be just as fun and there’s no pulpy mess.

Think polka-dotted, stenciled and patterned pumpkins.

Plus, if you grow a lot of pumpkins, this is one way to be crafty with the extras. 

Step 1

Wipe down your pumpkins with paper towels to remove dirt and debris.

Step 2

Paint your pumpkins starting with a base coat – whether a spray paint with primer and paint in one, or chalky paint. You can stop there or begin to create designs as you decorate them. 


When using spray paint, cover pumpkin stems with foil to keep them paint-free.

Step 3

Give your pumpkin some pizazz with polka dots. Use a thick round craft brush for your polka dots.

Or try painting on a few stripes.

Step 4

You can also spray on metallics such as gold, green, silver or bronze. Your pumpkins will sparkle.

Step 5

For a festive message, paint on a word or two using a stencil. 

Step 6

To display your pumpkins, set them up with other decor around your space. You can also integrate your pumpkins with plants around your home.

For other fun ideas, check out our DIY burlap pumpkins.




Supplies for painted pumpkins


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