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Freshen Up Your Front Porch

Emmaline Harvey
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Front Porch 2 - SS - 560x400

Bring your creativity and green thumb front and center by freshening up your front porch.

If you have a small porch, focus on the walkway. You may have a bit of yard space that’s somewhat isolated from the rest of your yard to play with, or you can use the green space framing your porch.

Use this area to make a statement about what is near and dear to your heart with a creative piece of lawn décor.

Do you enjoy expressing yourself with decorative flags? Attach a flagpole to a nearby tree or porch column, or erect an independently standing flagpole and plant a small flower garden around the pole’s base.

bird bath fountain - THD - 300x300For birdwatchers, you (and your house cat) will enjoy the flurry of feathered friends a bird bath brings. Set up a bird bath along your front walkway and surround it with bushes that produce berries to give the birds something to snack on.

Adding a garden fountain will introduce a beautiful, moving element to your walkway, and can easily be complemented with lush greenery to create a hidden oasis.

If you have a larger front porch, focus more on what to put on the porch than what you place around it. Start with a few pieces of patio furniture — learn what types are best for you here.

Set a wooden crate near the front door to collect muddy shoes, preventing dirt and debris from being tracked into your home.

To show off your green thumb, flank your front door and steps with decorative planters following the thriller, filler, spiller arrangement, and display a vertical wall planter or a collection of hanging baskets to squeeze as much living color onto your porch space as possible. Match the plants in your hanging baskets with similarly colored bushes around the outside of your porch.

Front Porch 1 - SS - 560x400

No matter the size of your porch, you can add a personalized touch with a monogram door knocker or address plaque. Install lighting along the front walkway to safely highlight your path to the front door, and consider replacing your old porch light with something more suited to your personality and safety needs. The Home Depot offers everything from gas lantern lights to motion-sensing security lights.

Don’t stop your makeover at the porch — you can extend curb appeal all the way down to your actual curb by planting a simple mailbox garden. Learn how here

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