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Fresh Herb Centerpieces

Martha Stewart
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Bring the inviting scent and flavor of fresh herbs to the table with miniature gardens. Herbs are fragrant and flavorful. When making plant choices, try creep thymes and globe basil. Thyme will stay close along the top of the planting and the basil will make tidy, rounded, edible globes. Use them as centerpieces during a meal, and encourage guests to pinch the leaves to release their scents or pluck some basil to toss on their salads.


  • 12X12X2” wooden trays
  • Hand drill
  • ½” drill bit
  • Potting mix
  • Selection of herbs
  • ¼” pea gravel or crushed stone


  • When buying your herbs, look for plants with vibrant leaves, compact growth, and multiple stems.
  • Flip over the tray and drill a series of holes in the bottom to ensure good proper drainage
  • Add a layer of gravel at the bottom (or a pot shard if your container has a large drainage hole), followed by a layer of potting soil.
  • Remove the herbs from their pots, and gently tease the ends of their roots apart.
  • Place the plants in a symmetrical design, taking into consideration color, size, flavor, and scent.
  • Hold the plants in place at the base of their stems as you surround their roots with soil, filling the planter.
  • Create an even surface just above the roots, patting down the soil as you work to remove any air pockets.
  • Add a layer of pea gravel or grit to the surface to help retain moisture; the gravel’s light color will also reflect more light toward the plants.
  • Make sure to keep containers in a sunny location with at least 6 hours of direct sun daily.
  • Water in well and check regularly to keep the plants evenly watered.

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