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Flower Arrangement: Hosta

Martha Stewart
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Even with their bold leaves, hostas don’t always jump out from a shady border location. Bring them indoors and their lush looks will brighten any space. Compliment what you arrange in the vase with other garden shade-loving partners, just as you would in the border.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2006

Tools and Materials

  • Glass vase with a flared opening. For best effect try something tall, at least 12”h, with a 8-9” flare at the top.
  • Floral preservative (to keep bacteria low and extend life of arrangement)
  • About 12-18 hosta leaves. Vary the sizes and varieties to include a range of colors and textures, included variegated types if you have them
  • Other shade loving flowers like Lady’s mantle, bleeding heart, Solomon seem, or goat’s beard
  • Sharp knife or bypass pruners

Hosta Arrangement How-To
1. Fill the vase or container with fresh, room-temperature water, and add cut-flower food
2. Using a sharp knife or bypass pruners, cut stems at a 45-degree angle to increase water uptake.
3. Begin by setting leaves along the inside rim of the vessel. Vary the sizes and lengths to create a flowing support.
4. Continue adding leaves, gently securing them into the stem grid. Avoid overcrowding to give an airy appearance
5. Finish off with additional cuts from the garden, carefully tucking them into the stand of leaves.
6. Set arrangement in a cool spot away from direct sun to extend the freshness and life of the arrangement.

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