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Flower Arrangement: Chrysanthemum Dome

Martha Stewart
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Chrysanthemum Dome

A simple mound of garden mums offers pristine beauty in contrast to the more dramatic arrangements of mums, seed pods, and amaranths that surround it.

1. Place a spiked flower frog inside a wide-mouthed vessel, securing it to the bottom with floral adhesive. Fill container with enough water to cover frog.

2. Trim a handful of large and small chrysanthemums so that the stems are slightly varied in length; all should reach from the frog to at least the vessel’s rim. Strip leaves.

3. Working along a section of the vessel, arrange flowers, alternating lengths so that some stick up more than others.

4. Repeat with additional handfuls, working inward and finishing at top. Keep display away from heat and sunlight. Change the water every 3 days or as needed.



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