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Create a Florida-Friendly Yard

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2-4 hours


Florida-Friendly Yard | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Want a more Florida-friendly yard? Use natural resources wisely by conserving water, improving water quality and planting Florida natives. 

Check with your county; you may also be able to get a yard sign after review of your landscape. For more information, go to

Develop a Plan Based upon Nine Landscape Principles:

  1. Right plant, right place. Consider your climate, soil type and sun conditions. Create mixed planting beds using Florida-friendly trees, shrubs and groundcovers. Remove invasive plants. Grow diverse trees and shrubs that shade your house.
  2. Water efficiently. Water in the morning and only as needed. An irrigation system connected to a rain sensor is most efficient.
  3. Fertilize appropriately. Test your soil before applying fertilizer. 
  4. Mulch. Do not pile mulch up against trees trunks like a volcano. Keep mulch 2″-3″ away from the trunk of trees and shrubs.
  5. Attract wildlife. Choose plants for shelter and habitat. Provide clean water and food.
  6. Manage garden pests responsibly. Use the least harmful method to control bad bugs.
  7. Recycle yard waste. Leave grass clippings on the lawn. Build a compost pile.
  8. Reduce runoff. Install porous walkways, planting beds and driveways. Create a rain garden. Stop erosion with groundcovers.
  9. Protect waterfront if applicable. Use native aquatic plants.

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