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5 Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Fountain

Renee Valdes
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Umbrella kids fountain

Bring a focal point to your garden with a bubbling fountain. They’re easy to install and once up and running, your outdoor living space will be an oasis for relaxation filled with the soothing sounds of trickling water.

What type of fountain suits your space? Fountains come in many shapes and styles that include everything from Romanesque and sophisticated to kitschy sweet. 

Frog fountain

Fountains come in many types of materials, too, from cement and ceramic to resin. You can also choose from pedestal, wall and floor fountains.

Wall FountainAnother option is a tabletop fountain that can be installed on your porch, deck or outdoor room. If you’re handy, you can do-it-yourself and make a fountain out of pots, urns or other containers. Follow these steps on our Community to learn how.

Check out these five tips that will help you choose the water feature that’s right for your space.


  1. Determine your power source. Will you go solar or electric?
  2. Choose the perfect area near that power source. If going solar, select a space that gets six or more hours of direct sunlight per day. Shady spaces are ideal, otherwise.
  3. Look for a level spot in your garden or create one. You can always situate your fountain on a few pavers. If you don’t have a level location, consider a wall-mounted fountain.
  4. Hope to attract birds? Keep your fountain high up by choosing a wall or pedestal type so your cat or dog won’t disturb the birds’ baths.
  5. Set up near patio furniture, so you can relax around the sights and sounds of your new fountain.

For additional tips and information on buying your fountain, check out this guide.

Now that you’re ready to find the fountain of your dreams, just remember to maintain your fountain. Water evaporates so don’t forget to regularly add water and keep it free of debris to ensure that everything functions properly. You can also try putting a stocking over the pump so it stays cleaner longer.

Fountain urns

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