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Create A Fire-Safe Environment On Your Property

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: 1-2 days

garden tips by region - fireproof barrier

Wildfires are a threat to homeowners. Create a fire environment on your property with one simple practice: remove flammable material within 30’ of your house.

Here’s How:

1. Prune lower tree limbs within 8’ of the ground so they don’t become “fire ladders.”
2. Prune dead leaves and branches.
3. Rake any dead vegetation from under the deck.
4. Move resinous plants, such as culinary herbs, 30’ away from house.
5. Replace flammable mulches with gravel mulches.
6. Create “firebreaks” with brick or stone paths and patios.
7. Move stacks of firewood and propane tanks 30’ away from house.
8. Replace wooden patio furniture, play structures, etc. with non-flammable options.

Product Checklist:

Electric chain saw

Pole pruner

Folding pruning saw


Hand pruners


Flat shovel

Transplanting shovel

Leaf rake

Gravel rake

Heavy-duty wheelbarrow

Heavy-duty tarp

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