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Bayer Season Long weed control spray.

The best way to use weed control is forearmed with a little knowledge of how it works. With any given product, the first thing you’ll want to know is how many plants your product will effect.

Chemists and plant scientists divide chemical weed control products into two general categories: nonselective and selective. The difference, as you might expect, is in which plants are controlled by each.

Generally speaking, you can count on a nonselective product¬†to kill any vegetation it touches. RoundUp Max Control 365, for instance, kills plants to the root for up to 12 months. That’s perfect when a particularly stubborn weed is unaffected by selective controls, or when you’re ready to strip parts of your landscape back down to basics and start anew.

When you just want to clear your lawn of weeds, though, nonselective herbicides should not be used. For those situations, you’ll want a selective weed killer.¬†Bayer Season Long, for example, kills as many as 200 types of broadleaf weeds, including dandelions, without harming the turf grasses you want in your lawn. It kills current lawn weeds and prevents new ones for up to 6 months.

If you’re struggling to control weeds in your lawn, take a look at our post on identifying grass weeds to narrow down the list of culprits. Once you know what you’re dealing with, find a selective weed killer that covers all the bases.

If you’ve got more ambitious plans, look for a nonselective herbicide you can use to get all of the vegetation in your landscape under control.

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