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Find Gardening Gifts for the Nouveau Traditionalist

Lucy Mercer
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Christmas Cactus Gifts | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Delight your friends with gifts that encourage their desire for gardens and outdoor spaces. The Nouveau Traditionalist may be nesting in a new home or apartment, or exploring the cozy farmhouse aesthetic. Either way, the N.T. wants comfort, style and purpose in their surroundings.

From a sweet Christmas cactus for the kitchen window, above, to the patio, there’s plenty of choices for the Nouveau Traditionalist.

Gift Ideas for the Nouveau Traditionalist


Fire Pit Gift | The Home Depot's Garden Club

1. Fire pit

Wood-burning fire pits and outdoor fireplaces add warmth to outdoor spaces and expand entertaining options. Select a fire pit with a cooking grate like the Hampton Bay Crossfire, above, and use it like a grill.

Learn more about building and maintaining fire pits.


Birdhouse | The Home Depot's Garden Club

2. Statement bird houses

The birdies will appreciate a regal place to rest their wings. Grand birdhouses, with architectural features and shiny copper roofs, look best mounted on posts and nestled among shrubs, adding focal points to the garden. 


Butterfly | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Please pollinators

Encourage pollinators like butterflies, bees and dragonflies with gifts of butterfly and bee houses and all the accessories a gardener needs to invite them to their landscape.

Fill a gift bag or basket with a gift card and organic seeds for a pollinator garden. Pick up tips for pollinator gardening.


Garden tools in soil

4. Garden tools

New gardeners will appreciate good quality tools as they embark on a new hobby. Container gardeners will appreciate a soil scoop (above left), and edible gardeners will like the weeding tool (second from right). And you can never have enough trowels. Look for solid construction and ergonomic handles for these much-used tools.

More smart tool choices for gift-giving: pruning snips, pruning shears, and for homeowners, loppers. Tip: Look for bypass instead of anvil action. Bypass offers a smooth, crisp cut, while anvil style crushes plant stems.


Pizza Oven | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. Gourmet grill accessories

The Nouveau Traditionalist wants all the comforts of home in the outdoors, like a pizza oven. Why get takeout when you can bake your pizza outside?

Easy-growing, flavorful herbs like basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme are perfect companions for gourmet pizza creations.

More Gift-Giving Inspiration:

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