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Fill Pretty Pots with Succulents for Cool Summer Style

Renee Valdes
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Pallet filled with succulents

Even when your thumb isn’t so green, easy to grow succulents are the perfect drought-tolerant plants for large containers, small flowerpots and unusual planters, including pallets.

Many succulents come in shades of green, pink, purple, gray and blue. They’re perfect for potting together or with a mix of other plants.



Try clustering

Try bunching your succulents together for an interesting visual and colorful effect. Let your creativity take over as you arrange the different varieties and colors together.


This caddy makes a great centerpiece when filled with succulents.

Find the perfect pairing

Give in to the temptations of echeveria with vibrant rosettes that spawn tiny long-stemmed flowers, large leaf paddle plant whose leaves turn brilliant red on the edges when exposed to the sun, durable aloe known for its medicinal properties, and tough elephant bush, part of the popular jade plant family. 


Pot of succulents

Look for pre-made pots

Unsure of what to pair together? Try Drop-N-Bloom succulents, hanging baskets with selections of succulents, or ready-made containers. 

You could also try a sedum tile or tray filled with a variety of tiny succulents grown together on a coir mat. These look beautiful hung vertically and work well for vertical gardens.


Succulents at The Home Depot

Ignoring works best

If you’re busy, travel frequently or are guilty of a little neglect, succulents are for you. There’s only one rule: Don’t overwater! They will rot.

Succulents store water in their roots, stems and leaves, so they don’t need much water. Be sure your containers drain well.


Birdhouse planter DIY project

See our craft projects with succulents:


Succulents | The Home Depot's Garden Club


  1. Use containers or dishes with drainage holes and fill with a potting soil for succulents.
  2. Combine arching, spreading and towering plants for a winning combo or mass in containers beneath tall plants. 
  3. Remove plants from pots and place in shallow holes. Cover so that 1/4-inch of roots are out of soil.
  4. Feed with a half-strength solution of water-soluble fertilizer and water well.
  5. Top with decorative rocks or moss.
  6. Water only when soil is dry.


Succulent pallet vertical garden 

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