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The Time Is Ripe to Feed Tropical Fruits

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


Feed Tropical Fruits - ST - 580x330

Nothing is tastier than biting into juicy, sweet fruit grown in your own yard.

To get the most out of your tropical fruit trees, feed them now. Don’t wait too long or you’ll encourage new growth that can be injured by cooler weather.

Mature fruit trees need to be fed lightly three times a year. Young trees are hungrier and need to be fed every five to nine weeks, depending on their age.

From oranges and lemons to avocados and bananas, a balanced citrus fertilizer will ensure more fruit.

Fertilize Your Tropical Fruit Trees:

  1. Water the tree the day before you fertilize. 
  2. Pull weeds or grasses within 18” of the tree. 
  3. Mow beneath tree’s drip zone, the circle where rain water drips from the outermost branches. 
  4. Choose a balanced citrus fertilizer (10-10-10). 
  5. Follow the product’s label application rates to determine the amount of fertilizer needed. Mature trees need more fertilizer than young ones. 
  6. Wearing gloves, sprinkle fertilizer evenly in a circle 18” around the tree’s drip zone. If you are using fertilizer stakes, pound them into the soil in the tree’s drip zone. Do not place fertilizer near the trunk. 
  7. Water thoroughly.

Product Checklist:

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