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1-2 Punch: Feed Your Lawn and Stop Weeds Now

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 1 hour

Garden tips by region lawn-spreader

Weeding the lawn used to be a nightmare before the advent of fertilizers with broadleaf herbicides. Now you simply feed your lawn using these products, and your weeds vanish. 

No need to pull weeds or spray them individually. This easy fix takes no more time than applying ordinary fertilizer. It’s important to remember this broadleaf herbicide will not kill grass, but it can kill everything else.

Experts recommend using a drop spreader to control the accuracy of the application of the fertilizer containing herbicide and to ensure granules won’t land in areas where ornamental plants are located. If applied too heavily, fertilizer turns grass brown, taking it weeks to recover. If it goes down unevenly, your lawn will display spots and stripes wherever there is too much or too little fertilizer. 

How to Feed Your Lawn While Killing Weeds, TOO:

  1. Plan this task for the morning hours while dew is still on the lawn so herbicide granules stick to weed leaves.
  2. Adjust your spreader to the application rate indicated on your fertilizer bag.
  3. Fill the spreader on the driveway to prevent any spillage into planting areas.
  4. Test the spreader on your driveway to make sure it delivers evenly, then sweep up the fertilizer to reuse. Note the exact point on each end of a drop spreader where the last hole is. This tells you how much to overlap the previous pass for a perfectly even application.
  5. Choose a simple back and forth pattern of stripes, taking care with the edges. 
  6. Return any leftover fertilizer to the bag and seal it tightly to maintain maximum potency until the next application.
  7. Water your lawn long and deep to help granules settle on the soil and immediately begin dissolving.
  8. Wash out your spreader so no residue remains before storing.

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