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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Gardening Dad

Renee Valdes
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Cool dads deserve cool gifts for Father’s Day. If yours has a green thumb, give him a gift for his garden. He’ll appreciate the low-maintenance approach.




Give Dad the gift of fresh tomatoes and everything he needs to grow his own. Choose from a tomato planttomato cage and organic fertilizer. Starting with seedlings hastens the growing process if he’s eager to see the fruit quickly. If Dad prefers container gardening, try a grow bag. It’s an easy way to grow tomatoes, especially in small spaces.

Additionally, Dad may enjoy a fresh pair of gardening gloves and hand tools, such as a soil scoop and hand trowel. He’ll like the soft gel comfort, giving him the perfect grip as he goes about gardening.

Now all Dad needs to do is clear the counters for lots of ripe, red tomatoes as summer progresses.


Hose timer


Give Dad the gift of time this Father’s Day. He’ll love getting a hose timer, because once it’s set up, all watering chores will be handled. He’ll notice the savings in the water bill, too.

Check out the two-zone Melnor water timer. It lets Dad automatically water several areas of the garden or lawn at specified times and days of the week with some simple programming.



For the Father who wants to save water and the environment, give him the gift of a rain barrel. When connected to a downspout, rain barrels collect nature’s precious resource and allows you to redistribute it to your plants.

Some rain barrels, such as the one pictured above, let you plant on top of the lid so it blends with the environment.

Learn more about rain barrels.


AcuRite Weather Station


Does your Dad constantly watch the weather? Perhaps Dad will appreciate a weather station, which makes weather watching easy and fun, too.

The above weather station by AcuRite is a simple gadget he’ll appreciate for Father’s Day. It uses wireless technology with sensors that forecast the weather, indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity and more so Dad can plan his activities accordingly.


Hydroponic herb garden

For Dads who Love INDOOR gardening

If Dad prefers keeping his garden inside the house, try a houseplant such as the low light sansevieria or pothos plants. Or perhaps he prefers growing herbs inside the kitchen.

The Click and Grow indoor hydroponic garden system above is an easy solution to that. He’ll love the aromas plus they can be used for cooking indoors or on the grill.

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