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Famous Green Thumbs: Try Our “Name The Gardener” Quiz!

Lynn Coulter
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Did you guess our last quiz? We asked what kind of sea creatures were on the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. If you said seahorses, you were right! A tip of our straw hat to Garden Club member Bonnie Hoffman, who was the first to get the right answer.

Ready to match wits again? Comment below and give us the name of these famous gardeners (and resist that urge to look them up on Google!)

Note: some are real people, and some are characters from books. Good luck!


Image by Gareth Williams via Flickr

Can you name our mystery gardeners? This isn’t one of them, but they are people whose names you’ve probably heard. Some are real, and some aren’t. Send us your best guess!

 1. You might think this American frontiersman was a legend, but he was real. Said to have dressed in sack clothing, with a cooking pot for a hat, he traveled back and forth across the Ohio Valley, planting a special crop.

 2. This young gardener inherited his job from his father, nicknamed “the gaffer”. He had never traveled far from home until he set out on a dangerous journey. He cooked a lot of potatoes along the way, and once reminisced about strawberries with cream when the food ran out.

3. This gardener treated his garden as an experimental laboratory, where he grew plants from across the country and abroad. It’s said that he grew about 330 varieties of 89 species of vegetables and herbs. His home is now open to visitors.

4. This person, who isn’t typically known for gardening, planted vegetables to raise awareness about healthy eating and childhood obesity. Until this person came along, there hasn’t been a vegetable garden in the location she used since the days of Eleanor Roosevelt.

5. This English gardener was known for using color and texture in her garden designs, but hated the purplish shade she called “malignant magenta.”

EXTRA CREDIT: This young gardener was born in India, but moved to Yorkshire, England. Rude, spoiled, and selfish, she had few friends until she found a key and a “bit of earth” in which to plant. Her garden changed her life.  EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT:  Name the gruff, elderly gardener who taught her about gardening.

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