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Smart Fall Watering Tips for Lawns

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner

gardening tips by region - fall watering

Keeping your lawn properly watered in fall is important since the season can be dry. Lawns need about an inch of water a week to thrive. Seeing some rain out the window can be misleading. Installing a sturdy rain gauge helps you stay on top of rainfall and know when your lawn may be thirsty.

Keep Your Lawn Properly Watered in Fall:

  1. Install a rain gauge out in the open where it can be easily seen. Check and empty weekly. Remember: Lawns need an inch of water per week.
  2. Set a sprinkler where it will cover your lawn and landscape without wasting a lot of water landing on pavement. Use a timer to water efficiently.
  3. To figure out the amount of time to run the sprinkler, place a can that is about an inch deep where it will catch water from the sprinkler.
  4. Open the spigot and turn on the timer to 15 minutes. When the timer turns the water off, check to see how full the can is. Adjust the timing until you know how long the sprinkler must run to put out an inch of water.
  5. Let the rain do your work for you. If you’ve had a half inch of rain in the gauge, use the timer to run the sprinkler only long enough to put out another half inch.
  6. Be sure to water the entire lawn.


Walk across the lawn. If footprints remain for a period of time afterward, it’s time to water.

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