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Give Your Mailbox a Fall Makeover

Emmaline Harvey
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Celebrate fall’s return by incorporating some of nature’s beautiful seasonal hues around your mailbox. For fall color that will last until winter, plant a garden surrounding your mailbox filled with plants in shades that mirror the changing leaves.


Start with mums. They come in a variety of colors, including deep yellows, oranges and plush reds. Mums are perfect for curbside gardening as they are low-maintenance and deer-resistant. For a bit of variety, throw some deep greens and purples into the mix with flowering kale. 

If you don’t have soil surrounding your mailbox, or don’t have room to plant a garden of any significant size, get creative with some festive planters.

Try using aluminum pots, whiskey barrels or woven baskets. Fill them with mums or a variety of colorful pansies and arrange the containers around your mailbox.


Take your autumn decor to the next level — literally — with only one key ingredient: straw!

Grab some baled wheat straw and stack it (still in bale form) against or around your mailbox. Arrange your planters on top of the various levels you’ve created, and buy or build a scarecrow to sit on top to greet your guests. Secure his spine to your mailbox using twist ties or rope so he won’t slouch.

Don’t forget the veggies! Fill the wheat straw tiers you’ve created with decorative fall gourds. Try mixing a variety of gourds, squashes and pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. Or you can use this opportunity to showcase what you’ve grown in your very own garden.

If you’ve gorged out on gourds, move on to yet another vegetable: multicolored Indian corn. Secure a few ears to the top of your mailbox using a seasonally themed or burlap ribbon. Complete the look by grabbing some decorative corn stalks and wrap them around your mailbox with matching ribbon or rope.


You can keep these decorations up for several months and throw in a few additions to easily customize them for fall holidays.

For Halloween, add a few bags of fake spider webs and (of course!) carve or paint a few of your pumpkins.

Spider Pumpkin - THD - 300x247

To make a pumpkin spooky without any slicing, drop him into this spider stand and set him up in the corner of your driveway to welcome trick or treaters.

When Thanksgiving rolls around, transition your decor’s theme from haunting to harvest by arranging the smaller vegetables in a festive cornucopia. 

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