Fall for Grilling with Ideas from Pinterest

Renee Valdes
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As we continue to spend more time in our outdoor spaces, the popularity of grilling reaches beyond summer into the fall. If the weather cooperates or the grill lives in a covered space outside, grilling can even be a year-long pastime.

Really, who can resist endless opportunities for chargrilled, seared or smoky flavors on our favorite foods, whether the menu calls for grilled or smoked pork butt, shrimp, radicchio, pineapple, or the classics such as steak, salmon, chicken and wings or burgers. 

Grilling makes cooking and entertaining a breeze and Pinterest, including The Home Depot’s Grills and Outdoor Cooking Pinterest board, helps fuel the fun with fresh ideas to keep us inspired.

Pinterest is chock full of ways to stay on top of new and innovative ideas and trends as well as traditional ways to keep the grilling fun going. And don’t forget that fresh recipes on Pinterest offer visuals that help make entertaining more exciting.


Get the most out of your grill ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Get the most out of your grill

Brush up on ways you can use your grill before the crowd comes over so cooking will be a snap. Some of the most common types of grills include smokers, gas and charcoal grills. 

If you’ve got a taste for slow-cooked food, check out these ideas for using your smoker and look for best ways to start your gas grill. Because chargrilled food is also a crowd favorite, learn three ways to start your charcoal grill

If you’re in the market for a new grill, there are plenty of grill options big and small. Take the guesswork out of the search before making the leap and check out this guide on grills and types, including the Kamado-style above.


Get a Grillbot to clean your grill ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Get clean with a grill refresh

Before the crowd comes over, give your grill a clean-up. When your grill is ready to go, you’ll be ready to ignite and enjoy. Keeping it clean also helps extend the life of your grill.

Get inspired with grill brushes seen on Pinterest, including the Grillbot (pictured above). The Grillbot takes the grunt work out of cleaning the grill. Just press a button and you’re done. The alarm and timer will alert you when the Grillbot cleaning is complete.

tips for a cleaner grill:

  • Wipe down the exterior using a grill cleaner and sponge.
  • Clean excess food from the grates and replace rusty grill grates with new ones, if needed.
  • Cover your grill whenever possible. A grill cover keeps your grill looking new.

If your grill needs a deeper clean, use this guide on how to clean your grill properly and safely. It covers all types of grills.

Don’t forget to rinse your grill brush after use and replace it when it looks melted or warped to prevent foreign material from landing in your food. 


Grill Cart

3. Get your grilling space in order

Because you’ll be cooking outside at every chance, transport your grilling to a new level and stay organized at the same time. This DIY grill cart does more than help you prepare foods. It’s an entertainment staging area, holding herbs, spices, condiments, a roll of paper towels and then some.

You could also use this pre-made tool box, add paint or stain and a bottle opener to keep around your grill and grill cart to help make it easier to carry what you need from the kitchen to the grill.


Cook to perfection with the iGrill2 grilling thermometer ll The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Get cooking with the right grill tools

Besides the right flipping tools, consider adding new grilling tools that help you with the cooking. Grill thermometers have come a long way. On Pinterest, check out new ways that help you cook your food safely and to perfection such as the easy-to-use Weber iGrill thermometer, available at several price points. It syncs with your smartphone and tells you when your food reaches the proper temperature. 

There’s no shortage of grill accessories to entice you to make everything from fish to shish kebobs, and pizza to grilled cheese on the grill.


Fajitas Recipe | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. Get new recipes 

And of course, Pinterest offers inspiration for a range of recipes, such as steak fajitas above. Pinterest lets you store the recipes you like so you can refer back to them for all the ingredients for cooking your next meal on the grill when the time comes.

Now all you need is grill fuel. Fuel up with the right option that works best for your type of grill and keep the grilling season going, and going, and going!

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