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Fall For Decorating: Try Our Garden Club Quiz

Lynn Coulter
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Image by Maureen Rigdon via Shutterstock


How did you do on the last Garden Club Quiz? The answers were: pumpkins and mums; skeletons, scarecrow, ghost, or witch; false; eyeballs and worm; roast the seeds for eating and feed the birds. The pansies in the pumpkin were white–sorry, but many of you guessed they were ‘Violet Wing’ pansies, which appear in a pot--but not in the pumpkin. A tip of our straw gardener’s hat to Melanie Green, the first person with the right answers.

Ready for a new challenge? Let autumn inspire you, and fall for decorating with our questions below.

1. Pumpkins are long-lasting decorations. A Rhode Island gardener just broke the record for growing the world’s largest. How much did his pumpkin weigh?

a. 1,816 pounds

b. one ton

c. 2,009 pounds

d. 1,909 pounds

(Tip: plant a hollowed-out pumpkin with Cool Wave pansies or other autumn flowers for your porch or deck.)

2. I want my mummy. Click here to see a post about Halloween decorations for your front door. The ghoulish mummy, hanging upside down in a cocoon, does something unusual. What is it?

3. What is a tattie bogle? Hint: it’s a common fall decoration. You may have one in your own yard or neighborhood.

 4. This video shows how to make a faux pumpkin for your yard in less than two minutes. It’s made out of ______  _________ .

 5. Path lights or other outdoor lighting can help Trick-or-Treaters and holiday visitors find their way to your door. The Harvest Moon might also help. It’s the full moon that occurs closest to the _____ _____ each year.

Got questions about this article or any other garden topic? Go here now to post your gardening ideas, questions, kudos or complaints. We have gardening experts standing by to help you!