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Plant Fall Annuals and Shrubs

Lynn Coulter
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Spring isn’t the only season for planting. Take advantage of the cooler weather to refresh your containers with fall annuals like pansies and violas, or replace tired garden plants with mums and asters in rich gold, rust or purple. Autumn is also an ideal time to plant shrubs for seasonal color in your landscape.

Choose plants for sun or shade, depending on your growing conditions, and consider shrubs that provide more than one season of interest, like the re-blooming Encore azaleas pictured below.

Check the articles below for the best fall annuals and shrubs for your region:

Fall Annuals and Shrubs for the North

Fall Annuals and Shrubs for the South (including the South Texas Valley)

Fall Annuals and Shrubs for South Florida

Fall Annuals and Shrubs for the West (including Western desert regions)


When you’re ready to dig in, loosen the soil in your garden spot and amend it with plenty of organic matter. This will help improve your drainage and allow plant roots to penetrate more easily.

If you’re planting in containers, make sure they have drainage holes, or drill a few in the bottom.

Use packaged potting mix, not ordinary garden soil, in your planters, leaving a couple of inches between the soil and the rim of the pot to make watering easier. Some potting mixes have a moisture-control additive that helps you avoid underwatering or overwatering.

Remove your plants from their pots and loosen the roots. Put them in place, and gently firm the soil around them. Water thoroughly to eliminate air pockets, and add a few inches of mulch around the annuals and shrubs in your beds and borders. Check with your Home Depot Garden Center associate for advice on whether to fertilize your plants now or in spring.

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