Fairy Tales: DIY Planter Party

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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours

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Fairy gardens pack lots of magic in one tiny container. These whimsical hollows allow detail-oriented creators to select the perfect mix of succulents and accessories to bring their gardens to life.

Not to mention, fairy gardens are perfect for group projects. Invite your friends over for a DIY fairy garden party, grab some supplies and let imaginations run wild. You’ll be surprised at how different each garden turns out.

DIY Nature-Inspired Fairy Gardens


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Step 1: Start the party

Lay out a tablecloth or drop cloth, or choose an area you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Spread plants, soil, moss and fairy garden supplies on a table, making it easy for guests to choose their supplies as they go.

Line up terra cotta pots or other containers with drainage holes for each guest. Start the evening off by brainstorming different themes for each garden.


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Step 2: Fill containers

Fill containers almost to the brim with cactus and succulent potting soil. 


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Step 3: Add plants

Water succulents before planting. Carefully remove plants from containers, gently loosening the roots. Poke holes into the potting mix and place succulents in container. Play with placement and design. Take into account other pieces you’ll use and how those will work with the plants.

After you’ve planted all your plants, backfill container with more potting mix if needed.  


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Step 4: Add fairies

Bring your garden to life by adding fairies, houses, mini terra cotta saucers and rocks. Create a water effect by using colored sea glass to mimic natural waves.

Build pathways and focus in on whimsical elements.


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Step 5: Finish container

Top off planters with natural elements such as sand or sheet moss to complete your look. Use any and all real estate. Get creative and fill saucers with additional materials or rocks. Be sure to water containers well.   


Fairy gardens are also a great project to try with kids. Let them use their imaginations while creating a design.

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