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Extend the Life of Your Grill

Shaina Oliphant
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For grill enthusiasts, barbecue season never ends. Between family gatherings and dinner cookouts, your grill gets a lot of use. Be kind to your grill and give it a long life by taking good care of it.  Here’s how:



Detach propane tanks

Disconnect the propane gas tank and switch the controls to the ‘off’ setting before cleaning the grill. Remove the propane tank and move it out of the way.

Clean the outside of your grill

Use an all-purpose cleaner like the one from Zep to give the outside of your grill a thorough cleaning.

Cut through grease

Food debris and grease buildup can make cooking temperatures uneven. Clean the burners and grates with a wire brush then rinse with hot soapy water. Use a grease-cutting solution made of white vinegar and water.

Clean with heat

Clean lava rocks, ceramic blocks or metal diffusers by turning them over and running the burners on high for 30 minutes.

Use a grill cover

To avoid rust, make sure that your grill is completely dry before covering it. It’s best to use a heavy-duty, full-length, weather-resistant grill cover for the job.

Store your grill

If you have storage space in your garage, keep your grill inside to protect it from the cold wet weather. But be sure to keep your propane tank outdoors at all times.  Never store it in the house or near an open flame.

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