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Everlasting Bouquet: DIY Dried Hydrangeas

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 1 hour


Dried hydrangeas

Hydrangeas bloom through the summer summer, but don’t let your enjoyment of their stunning flowers stop when the season changes. Cut and dried arrangements will hold their color all year. 

Just cut blooms at the right time and hydrangeas do the rest of the work. Fall is the optimal drying stage, so get your clippers ready. 

Create a Dried Hydrangea Arrangement:



1. Choose and cut the best flowers

  • Clip as soon as petals fade or start to change into dusty pink or green.
  • Cutting in peak bloom prevents them from retaining that dusky hue, but if cut too late, they’ll turn brown.
  • Cut stems 12-18 inches back from the flowers and pick some with unopened buds. 
  • Be aware when making your cuttings that white hydrangea varieties don’t dry as well.



2. Prepare flowers for drying

  • Remove all leaves from the stems and arrange flowers in a vase with water.
  • Place the vase in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight and enjoy as the flowers will look beautiful as they dry.
  • Don’t refill the water.
  • Once it evaporates, hydrangeas should feel papery and dry.


Floral foam

3. Design your arrangement

  • Choose a container or vase that suits your style.
  • Wedge pieces of floral foam into the bottom of your chosen container, then insert the biggest blooms into the center.
  • Add medium size flowers around it, playing with colors.
  • Add grasses, sticks or other dried flowers to your bouquet to personalize it.



Expect the color in your dried bouquet to last about a year – just in time to create next year’s bouquet!

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