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How to Enhance Privacy Hedges in Your Outdoor Space

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Arborvitae create a fabulous green screen in your outdoor space

Presented by Proven Winners


Take a quick drive around your neighborhood and you are likely to see many varieties of arborvitae thujas lining people’s yards.

Those tall, green arborvitae make wonderful privacy hedges, or screens, and effective property markers lined up all in a row. However, when creating a screen or hedge, it shouldn’t just be about what your neighbors won’t see, but about what you see.

The opportunities to incorporate color and texture into your hedge are endless. Below are some ways to freshen up your current arborvitae thuja hedge.

When adding to your hedge screen COnsider the following:

  • Where is there space to incorporate new plantings? Out back, in front, or both?
  • What kind of plants do you have space and light for? Compact? Flowering?
  • Which plants are right for your zone? Check your plant hardiness zone.

Green screens make the perfect privacy fence

Among the newest Proven Winners arvorvitae thujas, Polar Gold® naturally grows with a narrow habit and its new growth emerges a gold color, which persists year round. Pinpoint® Blue also has a narrow habit and makes a fantastic accent or focal point with its striking blue feathery foliage. Juke Box® pyracomeles rounds the overall look with its compact nature and glossy green leaves, a great alternative to boxwoods.

If you only have space to make additions to the front of your arborvitae thuja hedge, and your yard receives part to full sun, consider Lemony Lace® sambucus, a colorful, no-maintenance plant. It brightens up your arborvitae thuja hedge with its lacy yellow and chartreuse foliage. Sprinter® Boxwood brings a classic, tried and true element and gives definition to the sambucus.

The Invincibelle Wee White® Hydrangea compliments the foliage of your hedge with pops of bright white flowers and is the first dwarf ‘Annabelle’ type hydrangea in the world.

Add more color by layering in flowering shrubs too. With a large range of sizes, you can make your flowering shrubs the focal point, or use them to add small pops of color throughout your hedge. 

Proven Winners' Wine and Roses® Weigela

Wine and Roses® Weigela (pictured above) displays rosy pink flowers in spring that rebloom in summer on dark purple foliage. It contrasts nicely with Filip’s Magic Moment Thuja’s gold foliage and pyramidal shape. The feathery foliage of narrow buckthorn, such as Pinpoint® Blue and Fine Line®, can provide structure in the back with its architectural look.

To help you think through other possibilities, let the infographic below guide you through the many options you have when considering planting or refreshing a hedge.


No matter your style, have fun and get creative.

How to layer shrubs for privacy hedges


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