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Embellish Flower Pots With Seaside Charm

Martha Stewart
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Give terra cotta pots an aged look by painting them white and then sanding the color for an uneven finish. Finish the look with a trim of delicate seashells. Get your children involved by having them hunt for the shells!

Aged terra cotta pots embellished with seashells


  • White latex paint, flat finish
  • Selection of terra cotta pots
  • Variety of seashells (uniform in size and appearance)



1. To weather a pot, combine 1 part paint with ½ part water.
2. Apply to pot with a paintbrush and let dry 1 hour.
3. Working in a well-ventilated area, sand pot with medium-grit sandpaper until desired look is achieved.
4. Gather seashells or purchase them at craft stores or online.
5. Affix shells to rim of pot with tacky glue; use tweezers to adhere smaller shells.


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