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Power Up Your Lawn Work with Ego

Home Depot
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Ego Power+ mower.

As fans of all things green (except weeds), we at the Garden Club are always pleased to see more eco-friendly options for landscaping. Lately, all the buzz around the Garden Center has been about Ego Power+ tools arriving exclusively at The Home Depot this April. Powered by a rechargeable, interchangeable battery pack, Ego tools are a renewable alternative to the gas-guzzling equipment of landscapes past.

Talk to most gearheads, though, and they’ll tell you what’s missing from many battery-powered tools is power. Ego’s goal was not just to best other electric tools, but to rival top-of-the-line gas-powered motors as well. To that end, Ego developed the most powerful battery in the industry, a 56-volt lithium-ion monster.

Despite delivering up to 40 percent more power than 40-volt batteries, the Ego battery is designed to keep cool, even in extreme environments, and reportedly charges in as little as 30 minutes.

In the Power+ mower, all that power is used to turn a high-torque 600 watt motor, with feedback control to keep the blade speed at a constant 3,300 RPMs. It also allows the blower to put out up to 480 cubic feet of air per minute. It lets the hedge trimmer move its 24-inch steel blades 3,000 times per minute for cleaner cuts. And it turns the head on the string trimmer 6,000 RPMs for up to 45 minutes of continuous use.

So take stock. If it’s time to replace your lawn and landscaping tools, or if you’re simply looking to reduce your gasoline consumption, drop by your local Home Depot and ask to see the Power+ tools from Ego.

Ego PowerPlus tools.

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