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Easy Care Turns Orchids Into Blooming Machines

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner


Orchids are easy. For a plant with flowers that bloom for months, you’ll be surprised at how little care these brilliant blooming machines need.

The hardest part of orchids is choosing which type is right for you since they are available in a wide range of spectacular colors and exotic shapes. Moth or phalaenopsis orchids are easiest to grow.

Keep orchids happy and blooming for months with these simple tips.


  1. Choose a plant loaded with flower buds with only a few flowers fully opened. The rest of the buds will open at home, giving you months of color.
  2. Look for a plant with firm, bright green leaves. And, if you can see them, healthy roots that are not brown or shriveled.
  3. Don’t leave your new orchid in a hot or cold car between the store and home. A few minutes of excessive temperatures can decrease the flower show.


  1. Place your orchid in a bright spot but not in direct sun or exposed to a cold draft.
  2. Water until it pours out drainage holes, then drain excess water completely. It’s best to do this in the sink. Water again only when the potting mixture is completely dry or the pot feels light.
  3. Feed once a month with an orchid fertilizer. Water first and follow label instructions.
  4. After all of the orchid flowers have withered, cut back stem halfway. If the stem has turned brown or died, cut back to the base of the plant. This prompts the plant to flower again.


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