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Get Set for Easter with Flowers, Food and More

Lucy Mercer
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Easter Lily | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Bring the beauty of spring to your home just in time for Easter with fresh foliage and blooms like Easter lilies. When the celebration comes early like it does this year, bring the flowers inside. Many can go outside after winter gives way to warmer temperatures.

Keep in mind that not all plants are available in all areas. To complement the plants, we have a collection of Easter projects and recipes to fill your home.

First up, our 8 favorite Plants for Easter:

1. Easter lily

What’s Easter without the Easter lily’s (pictured above) sophisticated, fragrant flowers? Enjoy its white blooms for a few weeks, then, if you have a spot outdoors, plant it in the garden to bloom again in summer. Like most houseplants, the Easter lily hates wet feet, so let the top inch or two of potting mix dry before you water it.


Majesty Palm for Easter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

2. Majesty palm

A natural choice for Palm Sunday is a beautiful majesty palm. When the weather warms, take it outdoors and enjoy it on a shaded deck, patio or porch for the summer. Unlike many palms, majesty palms like regular watering. (image: Costa Farms)


Succulent for Easter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

3. Succulents

The soft pastels of succulents like donkey’s tail and echeveria are just right for an Easter dinner tablescape or a coffee table arrangement. Succulents like lots of sun, but don’t need much water, so place them near a bright window that gets six to eight hours of light a day.

Select a readymade design at the Garden Center, or style a new creation using containers, potting mix and plants. (image: Laura Mercer)


Easter Plants | The Home Depot's Garden Club

4. Red aglaonema

Red aglaonema bears lush, patterned leaves in a variety of shades. It’s a surefire winner for home décor. Red aglaonema thrives practically anywhere you want to grow it — including low, medium and bright light. (image: Costa Farms)


Orchids for Easter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

5. Orchids

The orchid’s beautiful, butterfly-like flowers add charm to any indoor space. Wondering what the key to growing an orchid is? Keep it in a medium-bright spot and water once every 10 days or so. Learn more about keeping your orchids blooming. (image: Costa Farms)


Anthurium for Easter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

6. Anthurium

Anthuriums offer heart-shaped leaves and curious flowers in a wide variety of reds and pinks. In a warm, bright spot, they show off long-lasting blooms throughout the year. The best thing you can do for a happy anthurium is place it in an area with high humidity, such as in a kitchen or bathroom. (image: Costa Farms)


Hydrangeas for Easter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

7. Hydrangea

Hydrangea’s colorful flowerheads appear in shades of red, pink, blue and white. As with Easter lilies, you can plant them outdoors in a partially shaded spot to enjoy their floral show longer. Keep hydrangeas looking their best by keeping them well-hydrated. They wilt quickly when they’re dry, but perk up just as fast after they’re watered again. Learn more about growing hydrangeas in your garden.


Peace Lily for Easter | The Home Depot's Garden Club

8. Peace lily

A peace lily’s lush green leaves and elegant white blooms can tolerate low light, but place them in bright light for the most blooms. The peace lily has high water needs, making it a great choice for folks who have overwatered houseplants in the past. (image: Costa Farms)

Cook an Easter Feast in the Smoker:


Pecan smoked fresh ham on a Weber Smoker

This Easter, consider smoking a fresh ham for the family instead of the traditional cured ham. What can be a more dramatic presentation than a bone-in ham, fresh from the smoker and sliced at the table?

A simple rub of salt, pepper, a little sugar and cayenne enhances the fresh ham flavor as it smokes over pecan wood. A light drizzling of a maple and honey baste provides a sugary lacquer glaze on the ham. Get the recipe for Pecan-Smoked Fresh Ham with Maple Glaze.

Round out the meal with side dishes like Grilled Blackberry Cobbler and Four-Cheese Mac-n-Cheese. Recipes can be found at Cook Your Holiday Dinner in Your Smoker

Fill Your Home with Easter Decor:


Easter Wheelbarrow | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Make a family keepsake wheelbarrow for the Easter bunny using a wooden crate. This clever contraption by Maureen Follen of The Home Depot’s Community is a pastel-colored spin on this rustic wheelbarrow project. Maureen decorated the wheelbarrow in pastel shades and simplified the design with a plastic wheel.

More projects to get your home ready for spring:

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