Drop and Grow Succulent and Flower Containers

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The fastest way to spruce up front porches, decks and patios is with containers filled with heat-loving, colorful flowers and exotic succulents.

Buy ready-made containers for a quick splash and guaranteed success. Or get creative and personalize containers with flowers or succulents.

Trendy succulents are low-care plants with colorful leaves that thrive in hot sun and less-than-ideal soil.

Get Wow Now with Ready-Made Containers:

  1. Buying for sun or shade? Select a ready-made container that suits your light conditions.
  2. Once home, soak container in a bucket of water or with a hose. Do not soak succulents.
  3. Slip the entire container into your own pot and hide edges with decorative moss.
  4. Or, remove flowers and succulents from the container and replant into your favorite pot.
  5. Fertilize per directions. Succulents rarely need fertilizing.
  6. Keep flower containers well-watered, but keep in mind that succulents need only a light watering, or they will rot.

Build Your Own Container:

  1. Buying for sun or shade? Select plants that suit your light conditions. Succulents love the heat.
  2. Choose tall plants for the back, mounding for the middle and trailing for over the edge. Design succulent containers separately from other flowering containers.
  3. Remove old plants and soil from existing containers. Clean containers.
  4. Soak new plants in a bucket of water or with a hose. Give succulents only a light watering.
  5. For flowers, fill container 3/4 full with pre-moistened potting mix containing a slow-release fertilizer. Succulents require a special potting mix that provides excellent drainage. Look for mixes labeled for cactus and succulents.
  6. Play with placement of plants.
  7. Gently remove plants from original containers, loosen roots and plant.
  8. Top with potting mix, gently pressing down. Water and let soil settle.
  9. Mulch flowers with decorative moss to retain moisture. Mulch succulents with pebbles to help with drainage.
  10. Water when soil is dry.


If you’re using a large container, fill the bottom third with filler materials like aluminum cans, plastic containers or packing peanuts.

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