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Protect Your Plants with a Drip Irrigation Kit

Lynn Coulter
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DIG drip kit

You’ve packed your sandals and stopped the mail, and now it’s time for vacation and a little fun in the sun. Just don’t forget your garden. One of the best ways to protect your plants is with a drip irrigation kit.

While you’re not home, the heat can make your plants wilt or die. A thick layer of mulch will help protect flowers and vegetables from the heat, and so will row covers and shade cloths.

But a drip system can help protect plants long after your vacation. When used with a timer, it waters your plants automatically — even twice a day, if needed, during periods of extreme heat or drought.

Because the water is delivered slowly, it soaks into the ground around plant roots, reducing runoff and saving money.

DIG drip starter kit

The DIG Drip Irrigation Watering Kit covers up to 150 square feet to water trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. This easy-to-install kit connects to an outdoor faucet and comes with UV-resistant tubing, 24 water drippers, and a backflow preventer so water won’t re-enter your main water supply. 

Other DIG kits are available for patio pots and planters, so you can keep a container garden hydrated. You’ll also find kits for raised garden beds and DIG misting systems that cool plants with a fine spray of water.  

Loop the DIG flexible tubing around shrubs or other large plants, or use it to form a grid if you’re watering a vegetable garden or flower bed.

Have a lot of ground to cover? Expand the kit with additional tubing and parts.

Rain Bird Drip Kit

For a small garden spot, or closely spaced plants, try the Rain Bird Drip Starter Kit. It’s simple to assemble and includes six adjustable watering devices on riser stakes, fittings, and 50 feet of tubing.

The Rain Bird kit regulates water pressure, filters out sediments, and prevents water backflow. Extend the kit with more parts to irrigate more plants or containers.


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