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Dried Flower Harvest Decor

Lynn Coulter
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If you’ve been following our stretch gardening series, we hope you enjoyed our article on how to preserve and dry flowers. More importantly, we really hope you collected lots of beautiful blooms before the first frost in your area. (But don’t worry if you didn’t! If you don’t have the varieties we’re using, be creative and substitute something else, or try silk or commercially dried flowers.)

As promised, here are three easy-to-do ideas for turning those dried flowers into gifts and decor for your home. Have fun with these, and enjoy the long-lasting beauty of your harvested blooms!

Fall Centerpiece

Made with dried mini sunflowers and red Gerbera daises


  • 6 Large dried flowers (all the same or different varieties)
  • Twigs or vines
  • Filler items such as mini pumpkins and fall leaves


Place the candles in the center of the cork mat. (Do not glue down, so you can access the batteries.) Fill the space between the base of the candles and the edge of the mat with moss (cover the edges, too). Glue the moss onto the mat. Encircle the moss and candles with twigs or vines, gluing them in place here and there. Equally space your flowers around the candles and hot glue them onto the moss, pressing down firmly. The flowers don’t need to be glued to the mat if your moss is firmly glued. Fill spaces between the flowers with fall fillers like leaves, pumpkins, or nuts, and glue them down. For added holiday sparkle, glue gold beads to the centers of the sunflowers and twist gold colored wire around a pencil to make coils. Glue on the beads and wire coils.

Autumn Gardener’s Hat

Made with dried sunflowers, Rudbeckia, and butterfly.

hat with autumn flowers


  • 2 Yards fall ribbon (available in some Home Depot Garden Centers)
  • 3 Large dried flowers
  • 5 to 6 Medium dried flowers
  • 4 to 6 Dried small flowers
  • Artificial butterfly (from craft store)

close-up of hat with dried flowers


Ring the base of the hat’s crown with ribbon and hot glue in place. Glue one long piece of ribbon to the bottom center rim. Glue two shorter pieces on either side of the center piece. Lightly glue some Spanish moss to the base of the crown. Hot glue the three large flowers, then the medium ones and lastly the smaller flowers on top of and onto the moss and hat. Press firmly to make sure the glue reaches the hat and not just the moss. Pop in a butterfly and glue it down. Finish the bottoms of the ribbon with a V-shaped cut and/or slanted cut. Hang the hat on an interior door or wall.

Sweet Lil’ Hostess Gift

Made with a dried dahlia and zinnia

hostess gift with dried flowers


  • Small pot and saucer (available in some Home Depot Garden Centers)
  • One, two or three dried flowers
  • 1 Yard narrow fall ribbon (available in some Home Depot Garden Centers)
  • Small green picks (from craft stores)


Put the plant in the pot. Hot glue your dried flowers to the top of a small pick and push it into the soil. Write a holiday greeting or print one on the computer. Glue the greeting to the label and push it into the soil. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the pot and hot glue it in place. Make a tiny bow and glue to the center front of the ribbon on the pot. Glue tiny rhinestones or pearl beads in the centers of the flowers for a little bling!

Special thanks to Ellen Bowman for her assistance with this project. Ellen has sold her dried arrangements at art shows and craft fairs all across New York and North Carolina. Visit her at Dry Your Own Flowers.

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