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Dress Up with Potted Violas

Home Depot
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Duration: 1 hour



No annual flowers match violas for winter color, making them perfect for containers. The durable little plants are easy to grow, and mixing colors and sizes in attractive containers can produce delightful results. Plus, violas naturally make gardeners happy, as their overlapping petals form a smiling face.

Violas bloom best when placed in full sun, especially when grown during the short days of winter. To keep potted violas in bloom, pinch withered blossoms once a week, and feed every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer.

Dress Up Your Space With Violas:

  • Get creative with color. Violas come in endless color combinations, and a mixture of multi-colored violas in a broad bowl-shaped planter is a sure eye-pleaser. Warm yellows and oranges can be especially cheery on darkish days. Or, choose two or three to play out contrasting light and dark colors. White violas are more formal and look elegant in urns or other refined planters.
  • Pick the perfect pot. Whether you choose plain clay pots, metal pails, shallow wood crates, baskets, or other rustic containers, violas work in any pot. Use a plant stand or deck rails to get a closer view of the blossoms’ whiskered faces, and a better chance of sniffing their perfume.
  • Create clever combinations. Add texture to planters or window boxes with lacy white sweet alyssum, which billows over the edges of the containers. Silvery dusty miller provides pleasing contrast when combined with dark red or purple violas. For beauty you can eat, surround a clump of curly parsley with pink or coral violas.
  • Select small but mighty flowers. Small-flowered mini-violas produce hundreds of little blooms on bushy plants, so they are the best ones for growing in hanging baskets or strawberry jars. Or, combine mini-violas with large-flowered violas in roomy pots.


Grow a few violas in small individual pots that can be brought indoors for short-term use to add a splash of color to any room.

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