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Dream Before You Dig: Try Our Garden Club Quiz

Lynn Coulter
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Image by Foxy/Shutterstock

Measure and sketch your garden area before you dig, and keep your sketches so you won’t inadvertently plant the same crop in the same spot each year.


How did you do on last week’s quiz?

The answers are: 1. Saturn; 2. native; 3. amaryllis; 4. Thanksgiving; and 5. Advent. When you rearrange the first letter of each answer, the holiday word is Santa.

It’s time to dream up next year’s garden. Before you dig, try our quiz below, and see how much you know about planning before you plant.

1.  You should ______ your crops each year, to help prevent diseases and insect infestations.  (Tip: this also applies to plants in containers and raised beds.)

2.  It’s not enough to plant a particular vegetable in a different spot each year. You need to plant a different vegetable family in that spot each year. Name at least 2 members of the Brassica family.

3.  It will easier to cultivate next year if you plant perennial crops (those that live at least 3 years) apart from annuals. Name a perennial vegetable or herb.

4.  To avoid disappointment, check a flowering plant’s _____ ______ before adding it to your garden. (Need a hint? You can also find that info here.)

5.  You can plant two (or more) crops back to back, in the same space, to get the most yield from your garden spot. This is called ______ ________.


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