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Don’t Share With Deer and Rabbits. Protect Plants Now.

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner



Deer are notorious eaters — they’ll try anything once. Grazing is most frequent in early summer when deer and rabbits are hungriest. So protect your plants now. There are plants that both deer and rabbits find less desirable, but before damage gets out of control, it’s time to get serious. 


  1. Detract near entry points with scents like garlic, rosemary and lavender, or textures like lamb’s ear, thorny roses, barberry or holly.
  2. Hide what’s inside. Plant tall, thick hedges or add a fence at least 8’ tall. Rabbit fences should be 30” tall, made from 3/4” wire mesh and buried 8”-12”.
  3. Use liquid or granular animal repellent. Evenly spread or spray around the perimeter of your planting area. It’s important to reapply after rain and as often as directed.
  4. Add an element of surprise, such as a garden ornament or a scarecrow, and move it frequently.
  5. Light up their life. Install motion sensor lights that come on as they approach.
  6. Let the dogs out. The more active and noisy your pets, the less likely the deer will come around.


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