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What Is Stretch Gardening?

R. L. Rhodes
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Our relationship with our garden can be fickle.

It often comes down to season. Warmth. Sun.

We weather the blazing heat of summer alongside our gardens, lovingly tending to our plants, vegetables and flowers. But things change when the weather turns cool. We retreat indoors, leaving most of our plants to nap away the winter, biding their time until spring.

(Are you a fair-weather gardener?)

That can be a frustrating circumstance, not least of all since we could sometimes use a little help from our gardens. Wouldn’t it be nice to have live ornamentals to give as holiday gifts, or to enjoy home-grown fruits and vegetables during the dead of winter?

Here at the Garden Club, we decided to do something about winter withdrawal. This year we are going to arm you with a way to keep your green thumb active… all throughout the cool season. Though we will be rolling out much more in the months to come, here are some articles already live and ready for you to dive into!

As you can see, “Stretch Gardening” is a set of projects and best practices for keeping an active garden, even into the cold months when tending a traditional garden is impractical. We call it stretch gardening, and we’re inviting everyone who loves to garden to join in.

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Stretch gardening doesn’t mean keeping the same garden, of course, so we’ll also be looking at what plants you can grow during autumn and early winter, and how best to grow them. And since winter in Phoenix, Arizona is an altogether different beast from winter in Poughkeepsie, New York, we’ll also help you find the best strategies for your specific climate, whether you live in the North, South, West or Midwest.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll add even more. So keep checking back!

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