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Juicy Fruits: DIY Strawberry Planter

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2-4 hours


Learn how to make a DIY planter for strawberries.

It’s easy to pick delicious, juicy strawberries off the vine when they’re just a few steps from the kitchen. Add a hanging strawberry planter to contain the fruit, grow vertically and save space.

Going vertical with your garden makes it easier to monitor the fruit, spot pests and save water.

Build a Hanging Strawberry Planter:

1. Cut gutters. Cut the gutter into three 40″ pieces using a jig saw with a metal blade. Attach gutter end caps to each end of the gutters. Apply sealant between the end caps and gutters to keep them in place.

2. Select location and install eye hooks. Choose a location for the hanging planter that will get at least six hours of sun a day. The planter will be heavy, so ensure the location can handle the weight. Drill two pilot holes 27″ apart. Screw the eye hooks into the pilot holes by hand. Use a wrench if you need to. 


Create drainage holes for your gutter garden.

3. Create drainage and cable holes. Drill three holes 4 1/2″ in from each side and parallel to the end of the gutter for cable. Drill three more holes spaced equally apart throughout the gutter for drainage. Remove all metal pieces from gutters after drilling holes.


Thread hanging planters.

4. Assemble planter. Thread one cable through the two outer holes on one side of the gutter, with both ends of the cable coming up from underneath. Once the cable is threaded through, make sure the ends are even. Repeat on the other side of the gutter.

Measure 16″ from the base of the gutter on each cable and clamp. The clamp acts as the shelf where the other gutter will sit. String cables through outer holes on another gutter piece, resting it on the four clamps. Measure another 16″ up the cables from the base of the second gutter and attach four clamps. Slide the last gutter through the cables and rest it on top of these clamps.

Cinch the tops of the cables together with the last two clamps to form two loops at the top for hanging. Hang the gutters by the hoops.


DIY strawberry gutter garden.

5. Line and plant gutters. Line gutters with weed block fabric and 1” of pebbles to help water drain.

Fill each gutter 2/3 full with soil and mix in an organic fertilizer. Gently remove strawberries from their pots and loosen the roots. Plant 5”-6” apart.

Water well. Fertilize regularly.

Product checklist:

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