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How to Repurpose a Chandelier for Succulents

Renee Valdes
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2-4 hours


DIY Succulent Chandelier

Make a hanging succulent garden from an old chandelier. This unusual container is a fun project for repurposing and reusing a chandelier and a new twist on a popular project seen on Pinterest.

Just imagine how this succulent chandelier will look hanging on your porch or balcony. It also works hanging from a pergola in your outdoor room.


DIY Succulent Chandelier Materials


Step 1: Remove lampshades and electrical wires

Take your chandelier and remove the lampshades and set them aside. Take your pliers and cut away all electrical wires from the chandelier. Use needle nose pliers and a cordless drill to remove any screws as you gain access to wires and to unscrew any additional parts.


Step 2: Spray Paint Chandelier for DIY Succulent Chandelier Project

Step 2: Spray paint THE chandelier

Place your chandelier on top of a drop cloth or builder’s paper. Put on a protective mask and work gloves and spray paint the chandelier, making sure to cover it thoroughly. We used the color Sea Mist by Rust-Oleum Pearl Metallic Paint and Primer in One for this project.

Paint a second coat for full coverage, if needed.


Step 3: Cut Lampshades for DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 3: Cut lampshades apart

While the chandelier is drying, use scissors to cut off the fabric on the lampshades so you are left with only the metal frames.

TIP: Use a sanding sponge to remove leftover adhesive or fabric.


Step 4: Spray Paint Wire Lampshades for DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 4: Paint lampshades

Now spray paint your wire lampshades. We used the color Seaside in a glossy finish by Rust-Oleum as a slightly darker contrasting color to the chandelier. Don’t forget to wear your protective eyewear, mask and gloves for this step.


Step 5: Cut Coir and Form Flowerpots for DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 5: Form pots from coir

Take the roll of coir and cut pieces to fit inside the old wire lampshades to make your pots. You can also use a coco liner from a window box or basket that is no longer in use.


Step 6: Plant Succulents for DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 6: Begin planting

Plant your succulents and hanging ivy inside the lampshade flowerpots. 


Step 7: Glue Lampshade Pots for DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 7: Glue lampshades to chandelier

Squeeze some glue into the cups of the chandelier. Using a foam paintbrush, cover the bottom rim of each lampshade and secure to chandelier. Let dry.


Step 8: Install Hook for DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 8: Install ceiling hook 

Make a starter hole with your cordless drill and pilot bit for the ceiling hook. Screw in the ceiling hook.


Step 9: Hang DIY Succulent Chandelier

Step 9: Hang THE chandelier

Hang your succulent chandelier garden in your favorite spot using a metal chain.


Alternate Idea: DIY Succulent Chandelier

Alternate idea:

This project can be made with 4-inch clay flowerpots that are glued on to the chandelier. You can spray paint the flowerpots if desired. We tried it with white paint and topped the succulents with extra potting soil and decorative sheet moss.


Special thanks to Emmaline Harvey, Home Depot DIY editor, for assistance in this project.

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