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Climb to New Heights: DIY Garden Trellis

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 2-4 hours


Garden Trellis DIY | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Climbing flowers and vines add dimension, color and decoration to any landscape. But without a trellis, these vines could wreak havoc on siding or walls. A garden trellis provides plants a structure to grow tall and healthy, and becomes a garden accent year round.

This DIY trellis is made from ball cap fence posts and a decorative vinyl panel — but any similar-sized latticework will do. One person can do this, though it’s easier with two people.

Build and Install a Trellis:

  1. Select a location. Build trellis either behind existing vines or on a blank wall to anchor a new bed. Position 1’-2’ away from the house for air to circulate and allow for easy access. Measure the width of your panel and mark where your posts should go. Estimate a little wider than the panel.
  2. Build and install trellis. Dig 18”-deep holes for each post with a posthole digger or shovel. Set posts in holes, backfill and tamp soil. Position latticework panel so the top corner sits just below the top of the posts. Attach panel to posts using cable ties and cable from the top down. Clip off the ends of the cable ties.
  3. Plant bed. Plant climbing flowers such as clematis, perennial sweet pea, passionflower vines and roses.

Product Checklist:

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