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Design a Low-Maintenance Garden

Home Depot
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Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours



Winter days can make you restless to create something new in the garden. Often, our ambitious plans can exceed the time we have to spend in the garden during active growing months.  

These simple garden design steps will ensure you create something easy to care for and will set the path for gardening success. 

Six Steps to Designing an Easy-Care Garden:

  1. Consider conditions. Make notes on how wet or dry the soil tends to be, how much sun the area receives and at what time of day the sun hits that area.
  2. Decide how you plan to use the area. Is it to make a statement, a pet-friendly garden or a place to relax? If you are starting from scratch on your landscape, come up with a master plan where you have thought out features such as outdoor living spaces, a children’s play area, garden paths, or vegetable garden area.
  3. Simplify your design. Focus on two or three areas that will create a big impact such as the area around your front door or your outdoor living area.
  4. Choose native plants. Shrubs, perennials and trees that thrive in your climate are easier to maintain, use less fertilizer and save water. Plus, they attract pollinators and beneficial insects so that you need fewer pesticides.
  5. Garden above ground. Use raised beds or several containers in areas where the soil is poor or difficult to manipulate. Bring in bagged soil, potting soil and compost to provide plants with a healthy growing environment.
  6. Replace lawn. Choose low-growing, low-maintenance ground covers such as sedum, thyme, mazus or ajuga.


When checking on sunlight or shade in different areas, take into consideration any deciduous trees that will leaf out in the spring and provide more shade for different areas.

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