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5 Ways to Decorate Your Space with Houseplants in Mind

Renee Valdes
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Brightly lit room with white furniture and houseplants.

Decorate your space with houseplants. Because we lead busy lives, houseplants put us in touch with nature inside our homes. Having houseplants and other greenery around us helps us feel more relaxed.

Studies show houseplants also release oxygen in the air. Let them purify the air while you breathe life into your space.

When you decorate your space with houseplants, try using them like you would other decorative accessories. Make your greenery part of your color scheme, while letting your houseplants add height and texture anywhere in your home.  

5 Ways to Decorate your space with houseplants in mind


Dining room with houseplants in the corner.

1. Accessorize. Bring life to main living spaces by using houseplants as an accessory.

To add height to your space, use fiddle leaf figs, one of the most popular houseplants. Other options include dracaenas, areca and majesty palms, philodendron, aglaonema and peace lilies.

You could also try a money tree, a plant said to create positive energy in any room it’s placed. Legend has it that with each new leaf it sprouts, good fortune comes with it.

Be aware of the amount of light your houseplants need. Not sure how much? Just follow the instructions on the plant tag.


2. Be a minimalist. When many sources demand our attention all at once, take away distractions. In this minimalist room, houseplants help put life back into focus.

Try low-maintenance arrowhead plants, pothos, dieffenbachias, cacti or succulents. Not sure what succulents to consider? Learn more about them here and how to care for your succulents

Decorate your space with houseplants in mind ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. The adaptable spider plant. At your entryway, let a spider plant reign supreme over the space. Spider plants are an old favorite and they’re also perfect for newbie gardeners. They’re easy to grow and highly adaptable to conditions inside your home, including near the door. 

When it sprouts flower babies, or clusters that hang down, you can use those clusters to sprout new, free plants. Just place the attached clusters in a smaller pot with potting soil next to the mother plant. Once they’re rooted, you can trim them away and begin growing another plant.

Find out how to repot your houseplants. Just remember to use the right potting soil so your plants can grow in optimal conditions. Don’t forget to fertilize with water-soluble plant food every few weeks. Water thoroughly when your plant’s soil begins to feel dry. 


Decorating with Houseplants in Mind ll The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Add fragrance. In addition to decorating with houseplants, decorate with herbs in your kitchen as well. The fragrant aromas of herbs, such as thyme, parsley, basil and oregano, will keep your kitchen smelling great.

Having a stash of fresh herbs on hand will make cooking with them easy. Just use a pair of pruning snips to trim off tasty herbs to use in your next dish.

Learn more about growing herbs indoors.


Blue ceramic containers with green houseplants sitting on floor.

5. Get color in other ways, too. Dressing up your living areas with houseplants doesn’t have to end with the plants themselves.

Your containers can also punch up your decor with color. In rooms with light-colored walls, try colorful pots that’ll accent your space and complement your throw pillows, curtains or books. 

In rooms with colorful walls, try light-colored pots. 

Check out more ways to integrate houseplants into your space and the best places for houseplants in your home.

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