Decorate with Succulents in a Terrarium

Renee Valdes
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How to decorate with a terrarium

Bring the outdoors in when you decorate with succulents. Succulents look beautiful and grow indoors in any bright light.

One of the easiest ways to decorate with succulents is by planting a cluster of them in a decorative terrarium. Using just a handful of materials, you can create a terrarium to hang in a bright corner or to strategically place on a table. 

These mini gardens are incredibly easy to put together. Removing the succulents from their nursery pots isn’t even necessary and simplifies the process.  


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Because terrariums are compact, they work well in small spaces. 

If you’re making several terrariums, you can vary the look. Try terrariums in unique shapes, then place decorative materials inside.

The geometric terrarium above features white pebbles and mystical sea glass. 


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A terrarium acts like a miniature greenhouse, creating an oasis for the plants. The water will condense on the sides and, if enclosed, it will drip back onto the plants.

Create cool angles with your decorative sand for a more modern look. If your terrarium has a cover, remove it once a month to let in fresh air. 

How to decorate with terrariums ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Water only when the plants and soil look dry. If your terrarium doesn’t have a top, water when needed. Note: if you use succulents, remember that they come from hot, arid climates, so don’t overwater.

Terrariums can hang up or be placed by a window on a console, side table or coffee table; be sure the terrarium sits away from direct light since the sun will burn the plants through the glass.

how to make a terrarium with succulents

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DIY Succulent Terrarium ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Pour in sand

Get your terrarium started by pouring in decorative sand. The sand helps the succulent stand out in the terrarium.

Fill the pyramid with about 2/3 of a 5-pound bag.


DIY Succulent Terrarium ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Arrange plants

Take the succulents in their nursery pots and arrange them one-by-one inside the terrarium. 

Push the nursery pots down into the sand. When all the plants are added, add a small layer of sand on top to level with the rims of the pots.


DIY Succulent Terrarium ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. Add decorative touches

Add river rocks or pebbles. You could also try other decorative stones, including colored sea glass.

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