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Deck the Halls with Holiday Houseplants

Renee Valdes
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Holiday houseplants, such as the Christmas cactus, make beautiful holiday decor ll The Home Depot Garden Club

If you’re looking for a new way to add a festive touch to your home, think holiday houseplants.

Rather than rummaging for holiday decorations or buying yet another centerpiece, plants add year-round style and cheer to your home.

Houseplants also infuse oxygen into the air. Indoor plants make your home a relaxing space.

For the holidays, houseplants also make easy, beautiful gifts for hostesses, teachers and coworkers. And as these decorating tips prove, the more, the merrier!

Decorate with these 5 Holiday Houseplants


Poinsettias create a focal point when decorating with holiday houseplants ll The Home Depot Garden Club

1. Poinsettias

Red poinsettias are the classic holiday houseplant. Add a twist by selecting from several different colors to fit any decorating scheme. Take it to the next level with poinsettias that are speckled, marbled, striped or two-tone. Get tips for decorating with poinsettias.

Place poinsettias in a sunny window or bright location. Don’t let leaves or flowers touch cold windowpanes. Avoid drafts of cold or hot air, which can cause leaves to drop. Water when the soil is dry. A plant that’s too dry will drop its lower leaves, while overwatering causes lower leaves to turn yellow. Do not leave the plant in standing water.


The beauty of a Norfolk Island Pine is its simplicity as a holiday houseplant ll The Home Depot Garden Club

2. Norfolk Island pine

This miniature Christmas tree is festive either unadorned or decorated with ornaments in small spaces, on tabletops or in children’s rooms. Decorate your own with mini LED lights and homemade ornaments or select a fully decorated Norfolk Island pine.

Indoors, Norfolk Island pine houseplants prefer medium to bright light. Water only when the potting soil feels dry. If your Norfolk Island pine begins dropping its lower branches, they’re in need of water or to be placed in brighter light. Over time, Norfolk Island pines can grow to be 6 feet tall indoors, if you let them. 


Orchids as holiday houseplants ll The Home Depot Garden Club

3. Orchids

Elegant and sophisticated, orchid blooms look beautiful as holiday houseplants but do so much more for your indoor space. The blooms can last for months and orchids come in a wide range of colors. They make fantastic houseplants, even for beginners.

Use these tricks to keep orchids thriving.


Christmas cactus for the holidays ll The Home Depot Garden Club

4. Christmas cactus

This holiday houseplant looks great during Christmastime and in the right location can provide years of blooms. The ruffled flowers range in color from reds and fuchsias to creamy white. 

Christmas cactus plants needs bright but indirect light and occasional watering. Let the potting soil dry out between waterings and make sure the plant doesn’t sit in water. 

Holiday houseplants, including these cacti, brighten any space for Christmas ll The Home Depot Garden Club

5. Other cacti and succulents

If you’re busy, travel frequently or are guilty of a little neglect, cacti and other succulents are the holiday houseplants for you. There’s only one rule: Don’t overwater! They will rot. Also, be sure your containers drain well.

On any of your indoor plants, you can always dress them up with houseplant charms.



Succulents make great holiday houseplants ll The Home Depot Garden Club

  1. Contrasting. Group holiday houseplants in odd numbers for high impact. For a classic look, stick with one color, or mix contrasting colors for a more modern look.
  2. Lining. Going up the stairs, around fireplace hearths, on top of mantels and tables, add holiday houseplants for a decorative look that is consistent through the entire home.
  3. Cuttings. Treat poinsettias and Christmas cactus blooms as cut flowers. Snip the blooms and place them into individual vases or use them to adorn a wreath. Use assorted plants to make succulent or air plant Christmas wreaths.
  4. Welcoming. Create a dramatic welcome with plants in an entrance hallway.
  5. Layering. Use miniature plants on upper shelves and other high places.
  6. Containing. Group them in decorative containers. A shiny ceramic or metal pot gives an elegant look. Baskets or wooden boxes lend a rustic feel.
  7. Centering. Feature smaller plants on a dining or buffet table, where their smaller size won’t block guests’ views of one another.

Photos provided by Costa Farms

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